Hi, welcome to my dev website. Most stuff I develop is hosted under this vhost (so I can keep some overview).
If I release any Source Code it is licensed under the terms of the GPL unless otherwise noticed.

Things of (maybe some) interest:
Wake-on-LAN-Tool - Remotely wake up your computer without forwarding any ports (req. linux router with crond and etherwake)
IPv6 Tool Check if your server has IPv6 configured correctly (does not work atm as I didn't setup IPv6 for my new server, yet)
jSMTPproxy (german link) - (simple) SMTP Proxy Server for usage with a local smptd like postfix. In case you are not sure if your postfix is secure or if it is insecure though it should be secure (which was/maybe still is the case with my postfix) or if you just want to be sure (though it uses quite much RAM and is not documented very well as of now) ;-)